DealAfriq is a trustworthy international virtual mall created to promote trade between Africa and the rest of the globe. African Sellers setup virtual shops and sell their made-in-Africa products/services online to the rest of the world. This is an opportunity for these entrepreneurs to create value for their various economies and positively affect Africa’s net export.

DealAfriq is strategically place to become Africa’s biggest global retail and wholesale marketplace for strictly made-in-Africa goods and services targeted to the rest of the world. Consumers around the world will be able to source and buy an extensive variety of African manufactured goods and services at competitive prices.


To make it seamless to do business with Africa


To be the premier trustworthy trading platform showcasing strictly made-in-Africa goods and services by making use of the best available technologies and marketing mediums while partnering with international organizations to promote the cause.


1.    The only virtual store promoting made-in-Africa goods and services

2.    Gives sellers (no matter their size) the opportunity to sell to a global audience

3.    Aims to improve the African economy by promoting exports

4.    Most importantly, it helps create more opportunities for African entrepreneurs.

There has never been a single platform strategically placed for the trade of "Strictly” African products on a small, medium or large scale. Indeed most African manufacturers would either sell their products in bulk outside the continent or to other African countries; or will simply sell their products on a small scale in local markets. For this reason, Dealafriq is offering a dynamic e-commerce platform that will enable manufacturers, producers, traders and artisans across Africa to acquire and sell African made products regardless of their location.

With Dealafriq, you are all set to take your products Global!

Why we do what we do!

Dealafriq is the only African online marketplace where Africans have the opportunity of selling goods made in Africa or by Africans anywhere around the world. With thousands of top selling African products from our vendors worldwide, we can meet the needs of the world through this central platform. Dealafriq has all your favorite African products a few clicks away in one central African hub.

We specialize in promoting the African narrative and bringing the very best of Africa to the world. We've achieved this by helping and supporting entrepreneurs, producers and manufacturers export their products globally with delivery logistics handled by our courier partners DHL. If DHL can get there, your products can!!!

Products listed and sold on Dealafriq are sourced from indigenous producers, artists, artisans, skilled   craftsmen / craftswomen and manufacturers across Africa. Dealafriq   provide a channel for these highly skilled and   hard working producers to expand their markets, support local and national economies while also reshaping the image of Africa through trade.

At Dealafriq, we believe that through trade, the image and economies of Africa can be improved. 

Support Trade Not Aid For Africa!!

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